Sunday, August 02, 2009

Got wood?

I have a terrible habit of picking the most inopportune times for doing restoration work on my cars. For example, I start doing bodywork in the Autumn when the weather is so unreliable I can't get a decent top coat on. I also find myself tinkering in car parks (I changed Molly's bonnet hinges on a day trip to a park in Manchester once). This week's inappropriate tinkering is happening less than a week before we head off to Belladrum. Its not major (fortunately).

I have a pair of rear door cupboards on the van which I got from Martin last year. They were painted with thick white paint then had some wood pattern effect added - and looked terrible! Being a kinda "stick it on and use it" rather than "fettle till perfect" kinda guy, I just screwed them to the backs of the rear doors and enjoyed them. They have turned out to be really useful for handy stuff round the van (keeping it tidy). I did have a go at scraping off some of the paint, which just made them look worse...

Yesterday I took to them with the paint stripper as they had been annoying me for long enough. Of course they were a little tired and the shock almost killed them...

Yeah they fell apart. Not to worry, it made cleaning the paint off a lot easier! A little splodge of wood glue later and they were back together.

At some point in the future, I'm going to bleach them to get rid of the water marks, then properly stain them and put on some varnish. Just don't hold your breath! It looks as though I need to repair the veneer too.

I had another play with the trailer with the van too. Of course a piccie was in order. I wonder if I can get some tiny whitewalls for it?

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