Monday, June 30, 2008

Show far? - show Good!

Well we're back from a top time at Moffat, two days away in the Borders, including a night in the van with the kids. On the Saturday, there was a 40 mile road run in the gorgeous surrounding countryside.

Megan checks out a Roller

Gridlock Moffat style

Alternative way of dealing with the showers

Picnic break by the loch truly beautiful surroundings

French kissing

The really nice thing about this show is that outside the main events - the whole of the town in taken over by classic car enthusiasts, the every car park has an interesting car in it. Tucked up next to moderns, and it looks like the show is good for the town too. Every hotel and restaurant was booked up!

On the Sunday, we moved Jessica to the main field where we met Martin and his family. Martin is a veritable font of knowledge on Commers and currently has 12 of them - including some uber-rare examples such as the last known Commer TV detector van. He brought 2 really nice examples, a late 60's Autosleeper and Dodge Post office engineers van.

We joined the line up to make a total of 5 Commers (Jessica was the least tidy one!). It was really nice just chill in the van (keeping out of the rain) and chatting to the passers buy. Lots of people were keen to have a nosy inside and there where lots of stories about how they used to have vans when they were young.

One guy told me how he used to have a Bedford camper. He had it for 50 years - took it to Australia for 10 years, then came back to Scotland where it was burnt out in a fire at the garage he was using. He has never been able to bring himself to get another. He was showing a push bike - the one he used to deliver meat for a butcher when he was 14!

The marina club ere out in force as usual with a really nice line-up including the dukes of hazard coupe.

One of the earliest Morris Minors - circa 1948 (note the 4" fillet in the bumper)

Yummy sunbeam rapier - next purchase?

2.5% of the entire Hunter Tiger production - Rory not impresed

After all this I was inspired, after the last post, the phone lines have closed, the votes (vote) have (has) been counted and I can announce that ....

.... Molly will be thrown together for an MOT and finished off on the road! I would just like to than my loyal reader for making this competition such a winner. I couldn't have made the decision without you - Alex.

- so I've just been out and put Molly's last door back on - we're getting there!

All the door fittings need to go on, as do the catches etc. The doors also need a lot of tweaking, but they are both on which should avoid them getting damaged as they are moved around the garage. Will we be going to Moffat with Molly next year?

Lets hope so!

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