Wednesday, June 11, 2008

'it it wi' an 'ommer

When I was a kid doing work experience, I spent a week at my mate's dads company INA automation in Birmingham. Mostly I did filing and general office work, but I did get to look round the workshops where they created the most wonderful pieces of machinery, mainly for production lines. Ones of these things was destined for the Body Shop. It was a system for putting the lids on the special re-usable Body Shop bottles. As everyone knows these things only go on properly when the receive a short-sharp-shock to the top of the lid, so my suggestion was to 'it it wi' an 'ommer (Brummie for "Hit it with a hammer"). I don't know whether the final system used this method, but it has been a bit of a mantra for me in later life - especially when it comes to enjoying older cars.

Tonight I was mostly smacking a bit of metal to look a bit like a Commer

Best to paint the inside before hiding it away. I know lots of the paint will be burnt off when it gets welded in, but its better than nothing.
And Molly even got some attention - check out the new door!

And then the heavens opened...

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