Thursday, June 19, 2008

Big weekender

This weekend we're off to the Morris Minor Owner's club National Rally. As a proud owner of a morris minor, I feel its my duty to help celebrate the 60th anniversary of my favourite car. Its a shame Molly won't be there, but we're taking Jessica instead so that should be fun.
Speaking of fun, I wonder how everyone will cope with the 300 mile trip on friday night from from just outside Edinburgh to the Midlands? I've been stressing about this for a few days, what if we break down? What if the fuel consumption is really high? etc. etc. We could just take the Skoda and the tent? Well thats just not the point is it? Its about being out and about in an old car. Seeing how well it goes and fixing it if goes wrong. Thats the hobby, not getting there in full comfort, like you have traveled half the distance.

Thats why I love old cars - whether it works or not its fun and I'm a winner!


Anonymous said...

Rupert Im sure Jessica is up to it
now that you've given her some care and attention.

Rupert said...

... don't talk to me about alternators.... :o(