Thursday, June 26, 2008

A little update

By way of inspiration (and a nod to Alex) here's Molly's todo list. I have a few days booked off work next month when DJ is off doing stuff, so I'm going to be at home looking after the kids, which may give me a chance to get some of this stuff done.

So if there is anyone out there - I value your opinion, should I get the paint spot on and do a proper restoration, or just bolt her back together as she is and enjoy whats left of the summer?

Press your buttons ....
.... NOW! (well at least hit the comment link at the bottom of the post) or email me

* lots and lots and lots of rustproofing - on its way
* carpets in
* seats in
* headlining in
* sort wiring
* screens in (almost forgot that one!)
* refit drivers door
* rebuild doors (winders etc)
* fit new wheels
* fit rear wing properly
* flat the paint - ongong
* install the towbar - LATER
* install towbar electrics - LATER
* paint the rear wing - LATER
* seal the guttering
* paint the guttering
* ..and the doors
* install the fuel tank
* dash bits in
* bonnet on
* replace the loom
* get the engine running
* stick the back bumper on
* fit the wings x2
* refit the rear door
* add lots and lots of soundproofing

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Personally I think a slightly tatty car on the road trumps a perfectly restored pile of bits in the garage.