Saturday, June 12, 2010

Its a question of logistics....

Classic car lifestyle all seems like fun, fun, fun, I know. You have this image of me and people like me just basking in the reflected glory of our trusty (or not so trusty) steeds. I must, dear reader at this moment shatter your illusion.

The entire fleet is road legal but due to a logistical problem no vehicles older than 10 have turned a wheel in a month.


The reason is that Jessica campervan is getting her now traditional early summer restoration session - and here's where the logistics element comes in (you were wondering weren't you?) Jessica required some welding to the rear end, so I (rather wisely in my opinion) reversed her up the ramps and took the fuel tank out. And of course the Taxed, MOT'ed and Insured Molly is stuck behind her in the garage. So what's the plan to remedy this situation? Well it goes like this (in reverse order)
  1. Drive Molly out of the garage
  2. Move Jessica
  3. Fill fuel tank
  4. Refit fuel filler
  5. Refit fuel tank
  6. Finish paintwork behind fuel filler
  7. Do filling and priming
  8. Finish welding
So there we are - I'm currently at stage 7, but the logistics between me and step 1 are bugging me somewhat. Oh that and the fact that a pair of MOTs are due, so the next few days are going to be a frenzy of sanding, filling and painting (between rain showers). Watch this space!

Not just white - Halfords Appliance White (not Commer white then...)

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