Monday, June 28, 2010

Boating sunday

So where did we leave it? Oh yes, Jessica had scored an MOT and was basking in the sunshine. Well Molly did stirling work and passed her own MOT a few days later which made me very happy. It also got me thinking about how annoying it is to have two MOTs on the same day (funny at first then not so funny after the first year or so). Maybe I need to delay one or other of the fleet to save my nerves and put some of the enjoyment back in to the summer. Saying that I could always get one of them done early maybe? Anyway to celebrate Molly's sucess me and the kids toddled off to Musselburgh in Molly for a sunny day out and to meet up with my friend Nathan. Musselburgh is renound for a number of things, like horse racing and being an "Honest Town" (whatever that is). But for people like me, the big attraction is the Lagoons. These small man-made lakes are aparently a way of disposing of ash from the local powerstation, however they also serve as an excellent venue for water base activities for the people of the Lothians. When we arived the place was packed with canoeists and dog walkers (swimmers), so we squeezed in and launched our boat. Yup the old boat made it on to the water for proper run. Once I had set it up properly (of course I had the first go - I helped build it and I am the most grownup) Megan and Rory took it in turns. Rory wasn't that keen, as he was more interested in the tiny frogs in the lagoon. Megan however went for it in a big way. As you can see from the photos, the boat was nothing more than a white dot for most of the run. It was so sucessful in fact that it had to be rescued by a passing canoist when the battery ran out!

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