Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grindin' and a Weldin'

Work has begun in ernist on replacing the rusty holes with proper steel. The fuel tank is out (for safety) and the holes have been made nice and neat. Then I made up some repair panels with the sheet metal bender, joggler and nibbler (if you don't know what the are - they are as much fun as they sound - believe me...)

half a hole

I had to do some welding from inside the van which entailed a little rearrangement of the inside of some of the cupboards and careful peeling back of the highly flammable insulation material. You can just see the new patch in the bottom right of the picture.

where the food cupboard used to be.

Before the rain (and hail) came down, I got a chance to tack in the repair panels, and they don't look too bad. The proof of the pudding is sitting drinking cider chatting with the Mrs, if its rubbish I'll notice and have to do it all again!

While the tank is out I decided to repaint the filler nozzle. It looks quite nice now so I need to make sure all the back end it up to scratch!

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