Thursday, January 07, 2010


The welds on the heater box got ground down tonight and it was all prepared for paint (with Hydrate80 from BiltHamber) but the paint was frozen.

I'm not going to start banging on about the snow. We have some snow, we live in Scotland and I really like snow so its not a problem. The thing is though, I want to be good at dealing with snow, I want to enjoy it when it comes (rather than panicking). Meg has a good attitude to the subject. Sometimes I think it would be cool to move to a Nordic country, saying that I don't speak nordish... (or whatever it is).

My eBay "buy it now" finger has been hovering over snow chains and studded tyres, and I have to admit to practicing my sliding on a quiet local road which was rather good fun. Fortunately the car still has both bumpers attached - which is nice.

So its time to get used to the cold weather, to enjoy it, if not revel in it.

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Alexander said...

Great blog very interesting. Also the snow is good untill you have to go to work or drive in it.