Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone. The Christmas excess is now over and the fiscal and physical repairs can begin. Our Christmas break this year was superb. We had a trip to Yorkshire to be with the family and more snow than you could ever want (or need). My brother's Series I lannie was doing excellent service lugging things to the recycling and ferrying Christmas trees. That is until the points decided to close up. Ah well its all part of the fun of owning a classic.

Unfortunately there has been very little work in the garage what with it being so cold and both vehicles being snow bound. In fact the only use the garage has seen was the manufacture of a snow scraper - you can't buy them for love nor money round here. Oh and raiding the parts boxes for some retro bird feeders.

I managed to get out to the garage tonight for a bit of a tidy up, but at -2c I didn't really fancy staying there for long.

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DJ said...

Happy New Year! Hope the snow melts before the Season starts back... !