Sunday, September 28, 2008

Magnificent Machines!

Today Rory and I went off to The National Museum of Flight for their Monster Machines weekend. What a wonderfull excuse to get some superb stuff all in one place. V Bombers to Vespas, Road Rollers to Car Crushers, and the sun was shiny too!

never has mutually assured distruction looked so sexy

East Lothian Scooter club were out in force with a really nice selection of Vespas and Lambrettas. A friendly bunch of chaps too, they were happy to give me a bit of advice about my impending purchase.

personally assured distruction?

"they are the mods, they are the mods, they are - they are - they are the mods..."

The traction engines were lovely. The sights sounds and smells took me right back to Steam Rallys I was taken to as a child.

pleeeeease can I have a go...

Of course Rory found the tractors...

and there were the monster trucks.... (not my thing, but Rory seemed to enjoy them)

Classy Glace

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DJ said...

you boys and your toys!