Sunday, April 27, 2008

The List = The List -1

so where is Molly's todo list up to I hear you say (ok I don't but I can dream can't I?)

well it looks like this...
* seal the guttering
* paint the guttering
* ..and the doors
* paint the rear wing - LATER
* flat the paint - ongoing
* install the fuel tank
* install the towbar - LATER
* install towbar electrics - LATER
* fit the wings x2
* refit the rear door
* add lots and lots of soundproofing
* lots and lots and lots of rustproofing - on its way
* carpets in
* seats in
* dash bits in
* bonnet on
* replace the loom
* get the engine running
* stick the back bumper on

the plan for the next few days is to flat the doors and bootlid and get them ready to go on. Then can paint up the gutter (after the sealant has been added) and I can think about fitting the headlining and interior and doors....

then we have a car :o)))


Anonymous said...

On Thursday, While shopping I saw a beautiful open top cream morris minor. I had to go up to the couple that were in it and tell them all about you and Molly. The condition of the car was imaculate. They bought the car in 1964 and had it ever since. I wish I had a camera with me. It was a beauty.

Rupert said...

Sounds great - I wish molly was that good! The van seems be getting all my garage time at the moment :o(

Never mind - I'm sure she'll be back on the road soon!