Sunday, April 20, 2008

tick tick tick BOOOOOM

Tick tick timing time! I had a crack at fitting the new electronic ignition I got from Aldon
but I had managed to get the wrong one :o(. Once I got the right one, I realised that I had managed to partially dismantle the distributor! Therefore missing a hiking trip with Russell, - gutted.

The plastic grommet on the end of the dizzy shaft came off and I was left holding it, with a tinkle of weights and springs in the bottom of the casing. I decided to leave it till today to sort it properly as I would have some light and a bit more time.

So once everything was re-built it seemed to go well and all that was left was to set the timing...

ok so we have a little wheel with with a few marks on it and a pointer. So what you do is splodge some tippex on it (7p from Tesco?!) and shine a strobe at it... you can then see when the engine is firing in relation to TDC etc etc... except all the stuff is at the front of the engine... where the yellow twirly bit is (the fan) so what happened next?
a flash of inspiration later!

and we have a (kinda) tuned commer! She's hunting a little at idle, but she does sound rather good! I also took a look at the dash, which is covered in vinyl, which seems to have gone all brittle and a load cracked off when I was removing the remnants of some long lost accessory.
the mockup looks ok so I'll be gluing it later on tonight and then refitting it!

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