Sunday, April 06, 2008

It's what they're for

This weekend saw Jessica's first outing. The kids and I set off on our epic journey and waved goodbye to Mum.

We were booked in to a site in Crieff for a night. The campsite was really nice and just by the river Earn - where Jessica looked right at home.

It was then time to enjoy the symbolic first cuppa...

We had a remarkable amount of stuff for one night, but the bunks are pretty handy for storing stuff.
(I think we know what happened at T5 - they needed a few more Commers to store the bags in)

Once we had the van all set up, we toddled off to the town centre to tire the kids out and get chips for tea.
After a decent nights kip in the bitter cold we woke up to find sleet and snow had been falling, and the nearby mountains were now snowcapped (I think I picked the wrong weekend!)

In spite of this, the kids and I had a top time, the campsite was really nice and we're definitely looking forward to the next trip!

Oh, and Jessica performed wonderfully all the way there and back, even cruising happily at 60 mph+ all the way home.

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