Saturday, March 01, 2008

Proper Belter

So, for the last 2 weeks progress has been made in a BIG way.
Molly has had most of the dash wiring put back in. The wipers and lights now work as well as the starter (there really isn't much to get wrong!) . I am having a problem with the horn and indicators (label the wires before you disconnect them).

Now then there is the fuel pump and fuel gauge. The fuel gauge has fallen victim to my hamfistedness and the needle has got bent, and the fuel pump is working really well, but not pumping fuel! The Oracle has made some pronouncements, I still need to go and try them out (the MMOC board people have never been wrong!).

I even tried to start the engine, but I'll probably have more luck when the pump is sorted.

And so onto Jessica, I got bamboozled by rear seatbelts the Commer Van Fan Clan were very helpful, and I went to a local garage to see what they thought and they were after £400 to do the job. I politely declined and decided to use some lateral thinking.

The problem is the lack of the top seatbelt mount, so I managed to find some seats from a Transit minibus with have integral seatbelts. I can then mount

these inside the existing seats, without loosing too much bed space.

These come in pairs so I separated them (one for each side) so then its a case of making some mounts for them to bolt to the floor. The original mounts were a little too long, and there were only 2 of them (one for each end of the seat). So I had to shorten the existing ones and make up some new ones.

I have also stripped off the padding from the seats (again to save a much bed space as possible). This means I can re-use the original camper cusions for the seats

There a loads of little bits missing from the commer- which is really annoying - some bits though are quite important - like the sink and part of the engine cover/ passenger seat rail!
I've been buying parts from a chap down south who is breaking a commer and he sent up the wrong side engine cover - I hope he has the right one still!

I also bit the bullet and purchased some bunks from JustKampers they are 6 cm too short, but I have a cunning plan for that too :o)


Rustille said...

"6cm" - don't think your commer will like that european speak!

bigginger said...

MMOC board people have never been wrong? Thank you - but oh yes we have :-)