Sunday, March 02, 2008

Lazin on a Sunday afternoon

After yesterday's progress, not much to report today, I have mocked up the seat in place with cushions, a child seat and a willing assistant. They still need bolting down but I wanted to check that everything is as it should be before I go making holes. I just need to make sure that there is nothing critical in the floor below!

I fixed on a couple of missing bits of wood too, including the sink cover (which I'll have to shorten to make room for the seat frame) and the cooker door.

I've also had a crack at fitting the bunks. I'm always amazed at the terrible state of fasteners supplied in kits. The woodscrews for the bunks (which are kinda critical) were really low grade. The ones supplied are short but quite wide so you need to have a good swing on them to get them in, which of course takes the head off. I'll get in touch with a couple of blokes I know!

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Rustille said...

can we get a post about the roofspace that lifts up please?