Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jesus build my Hotrod

oh yeah...

I'm seriously considering some flames to go with these babys!

In more sensible news... (Molly sensible - you gotta be kidding me!)
the todo list keeps getting shorter!
* seal the guttering
* paint the guttering and the doors
* paint the rear wing - LATER
* flat the paint - LATER
* install the fuel tank
* install the towbar - LATER
* install towbar electrics - LATER
* fit the wings x2
* refit the rear door
* add lots and lots of soundproofing
* lots and lots and lots of rustproofing - on its way
* carpets in
* seats in
* dash bits in
* bonnet on
* replace the loom
* get the engine running
* stick the back bumper on

I'm thinking "LATER" could mean Post MOT what do you think?

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