Tuesday, September 23, 2003

In the garage last night to investigate the issues at the back end. First up was the U-bolt noise and sure enough the off side one could be tightened a little, however after tightening it suddenly gave way - not a good sign. Plan now is for a new set of U bolts (hope I don't have to buy a new kit) and to get it as tight as I can. Whilst I was under there I took a look at the exhaust mounting, which isn't quite right. It seems to slope towards the rear of the car from the front silencerso I loosened it all off and tried moving things around to get it better adjusted... took the shocker off to get more room - to no avail. As the car is up against the garage wall on the exhaust side, I think I'll leave it a little while. At that point I decided it was too cold and went in ... I this what its going to be like all winter? Hope not!


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