Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Now we're back I can go through some of the work which has been done to get that MOTed car back on the road.

Once the brakes were sorted, the rear wing came off for a re-spray (during which time I had to redecorated the bathroom and get married). Once it was finally painted and re-fitted and the lights were working again it was time for a test drive ... what a load of rubbish. I shouldn't have expected too much what with having had the head off, the distributor out, and the carb in bits, but I was hoping to have at least a drivable car. Not one which gave up the ghost at every opportunity. The next few days were fun,

I took the (new) fuel pump to bits to find that the points were in a terrible state - they were duly cleaned.

I replaced the fuel filter for a much larger item (this one actually allowed fuel to flow), it helped but not that much.

I then stripped and cleaned the carb (pulling bits of nastiness out as I went), I also used lots of bits from a HS2 rebuild kit I had lying around - however my nasty waxstat jet looks in a bit of a bad way, the only problem is that the dashpot is on the bulkhead side of the carb so the new jet won't fit - anyone know where I can get a new one?

anyway I now have a car which can even go up hills!

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