Monday, September 22, 2003

Rallys - like busses - all come at the same time. They also (like busses) seem to go by very quickly. This weekend I took the family off to the Classic Car Show in Selkirk, which is the last in the season for the Morris Minor Owners Club Scottish Branch. I had planned to take molly down, but I was grateful I didn't what with the 120 mile round trip. All in all it was a really good show, a lot of the same exhibitors as last weekend (Scone), but in a much smaller field which seemed to make for a cosier feel. The highlight (for me and Daria - if not Meg) was the steam engines - woah those things are great! Big, stinky and noisy. Meg liked them up to the point when the all sounded their hooters and then she decided that they were horrible.

I've still not made contact with the Scottish Branch guys, their stand looked pretty cool with a Gazebo and 6 or 7 cars - maybe next year eh?

I did manage to get out in Molly this weekend, and she seems to go like stink! A few of the old hiccups have come back, like a minor mis-fire at full blast and when going up hill, also the fuel consumption seems to be way up, there are also a few nasty clunks from the back end, one which feels like a loose U bolt which ain't good. I think I'll probably ditch the HS4 infavour of a HIF some time this winter as the thing has caused me nothing but bother.

Now armed with this long to-do list, I need to spend some time in the garage!

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