Saturday, August 07, 2010

Once in a blue moon...

You get a couple of Commers all together in one place. This weekend there were 43 of them. Yes it was Commerfest, the 50th anniversary in honour of the humble Commer van.

Friday night saw us travel the 240 miles down to Yorkshire, to find the celebrations well under way. On Saturday morning, we awoke to an amazing sight, Commers as far as the eye could see!

Saturday night was the main event and Martin had laid on entertainment and a hog roast which all went down well.

On the Sunday, when everyone was looking a little tired we headed off in a massive Commervoy to Harrogate commercial vehicle show. This event was massive and 20 or so Commers made it, we were a rather impressive sight!.

Commervoy pauses for photos
Unfortunately, it was at the show that I discovered the only major mechanical hitch of the weekend. The petrol filler hose had perished, which means that after I had filled up the tank, it was slowly emptying itself all over the show field! Luckily I had a spare on in the van which Martin kindly fitted for me once we were back at his place. It was very strange that I had the part in the van and even stranger that I hadn't fitted it when I had the tank out a few months before. Anyway it was all sorted in time for the leisurely return journey.

A big thank you to Martin and Karen for organising such a wonderful event.


Lee Griffiths said...

Commerfest! well I've heard it all now. Of course I'm just as bad having been to Vanfest in Malvern last weekend. Hiya it's Lee!

Rupert said...

Hi Lee!
Yeah - it was superb! If a little smaller than van fest I'm sure.

You should bring your bus to the next one - and the family of course