Sunday, August 22, 2010


The retro addiction takes many forms, one of which is how to substitute perfectly acceptable modern things for cooler (less practical) retro ones. One of the things highlighted as something we needed (while we were away in Kinross) was a wind break. Now these things can be bought for about £10 from Argos, but we'd end up with a floppy plastic thing which wouldn't be in keeping. So when this little beauty can up for sale on CommerVanFan, we had to have it.

Its a 1960's fabric windbreak, which wooden poles and even a wooden mallet for knocking it into the ground - I know a plastic one would be more practical in the British weather - but that's not the point is it? We were very lucky in that the chap selling it was going to be staying in South Queensferry on Monday night so we could meet up and collect it.

So for a bit of family time, I packed everyone in to Molly off for a trip to the seaside and ice cream (via the hotel so we could pick up the windbreak). Unfortunately, halfway there, on the motorway, Molly's stainless steel exhaust decided to part company with the silencer. I managed to lash something together with a bungee so we could (noisily) continue the journey.

The following morning I gave the Birmingham Morris Minor Centre a call (where I got the original from) and a new exhaust was winging its way to us. Unfortunately they don't supply stainless ones any more, but the mild steel one fits very well. Time to hit the beach and shelter from the British wind.

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