Saturday, April 17, 2010


So its looks as though spring is here. There are daffodils, and lots less snow and even some sunshine, so what do all classic car loving people do on a sunny Sunday afternoon? Well they go off to the beach in their camper vans. I took it as a bit of an opportunity for a shakedown after the winter work. The snag list so far has been:
  • fuel leak (easily sorted, tightened up the hose clip)
  • indicators failed (wiggled some wires)
  • strange noise from the front (move the number plate)
so we were ready to go. The van does look pretty tidy after the winter's fettling (the paint work is still very tired though). Oh and the radio went down very well too.

I finally got a chance to trial fit the new cupboard doors too. They still need to be stained/varnished, but don't look too bad. The grille cover is a bit too tall though.

Anyway back to the beach. We headed off in plenty of time, however there was an accident on the Forth Road bridge which caused a massive tail back. Then it started to go wrong, when I tried to move out of the way of the police car attending the scene, she stalled and wouldn't re-start so we had to push her (shovevannagans - geddit?!). A classic case of fuel vaporisation. A couple more stops and re-starts and we were at south Queensferry enjoying the quay and ice cream. So now I have to sort the fuel vaporisation problem. There are a few things I could do - particularly re-routing the fuel lines, maybe fitting braided hoses and even an electric fan - but I had better get it sorted quick now the season has started!

that fuel filter being there doesn't help.

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