Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wetter not better

...but I'm sure Noah would have an order in to Screwfix by now...

white water action

mind the first step - its a little slippy

follow the snail to dry land!

I want to spend the winter here...

I spent tonight mopping up the garage, and it looks a lot worse than it is, and what with the superb drainage system its lots easier than it used to be.


Anonymous said...

Rupert sorry to see that your flood defenses were overwhelmed but
considering how long you've been there the severity of that rainstorm may never occur again .

Rupert said...

Thanks Richard, not a lot I could do about it really so it was just a case of getting the stuff off the floor and waiting till it went away!
It does mean I can plan a bigger and better solution though! (I'm considering putting the garage on stilts!)