Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dry dry dry-ving me mad!

As some of you may know, I have been known to suffer from terrible water retention and have come up with numerous methods to address it in the past (the patented indoor gutter the glue the garage shut method and the drill some holes in the garage floor method), but none of these has really cut the mustard and given me a usable water-free garage so I decided to do something waaaay out of left-field and - wait for it - do the job properly!

A drain channel (available from B&Q), a length of 110mm pipe, some right angles and a lots and lots of digging were in order. I enlisted my friend Gordon's help as he knows about these things (and has a special spade to do it with!) . So the past 3 nights have seen nocturnal building activity a Little-Yellow-Towers to rival the Jordashes. It was all tidied up last night with a splodge of mortar - finishing at 10:30 (after Taekwon-do) and now all I need is a splash of rain to test it with - as ever dear reader I'll keep you posted!

how can something so simple make me so happy?

As the wife and kids are away with the in-laws, I have been kicking back and relaxing in a big way. This afternoon was no exception. On the way back from a 3 hour Taekwon-do marathon, I took a detour down a lane I've never been down before, in the hope of finding: a) useful free stuff and b) interesting old cars. And I wasn't disapointed in either respect.

The free stuff came in the shape of these:
it's not junk - its mine

Anyone who can tell me what they are/were and what I want them for will win a prize.

And the old car hunting came up trumps too. I found a little house in the country completely surrounded by interesting metal work. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera (and I didn't fancy freaking the guy out by knocking on the door in my Taekwon-do suit) but suffice to say there was a lot of interesting stuff there, including at least 2 Renault 4s (when was the last time you saw one of them?) a few old big Citroens, and something old and BMC shaped under a tarpaulin.

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