Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Wing Wing ... Wing Wing...

... are you going to answer that?

Today's top todo list included, throw on a couple of wings, wire up the boot (with the grommet to stop the boot filling with water and rusting again), stick the pipe for the tank and the filler in.

It all seemed to happen without incident, that is unless you don't count scraping the paint off the filler opening when I put the filler neck in (and the answer to anyone who wants to do it properly is... wrap it in a piece of paper while you are fitting it)

and I bent the boot floor strengthener while I was wrestling with the wiring grommet.... Its all part of the joy of minoring. I don't really want a perfect car (and I won't be getting one at this rate!)

All this damage to bits and bobs just made me realise that what you really need when restoring a car is SPACE - and lots of it. That's why I have been mostly trying to store the parts on the car!

Some pics of the progress...

The good lady popped into Aldi today and managed so secure a car crawler, I was rather chuffed, only £12 and it keeps me out of the puddles. Actually, it could be a family trait. Don't tell anyone but I spent the evening re-enacting Grease in the garage, that was after I managed to retrieve it from #1 daughter...


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