Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bin a bit quiet recently what with the Commer shaped excitement, work and the weather, however I hatched a cunning plan today
  1. Put Rory down for a nap
  2. Explain that Gran should have a nap too
  3. Put Peter Pan on for #1 daughter
  4. Sneak out to the garage!
it worked too. I only got about 30 minutes, but I tend to work best under pressure. I quickly whipped out the fuel tank (it was just in place for effect) swilled some petrol round and then carefully put it back with a seal of DumDum and a few stainless self tappers. Looks good and means I can think about starting the engine. I know the purists don't like the stainless self tappers, but they aren't the ones who will have to undo them again in a few years time.

Speaking of pressure, I should be organising Mr G to pick up the Van next Saturday, so I had better get everything ready. I'm trying to find some ramps so I can fix the clutch and I need insurance.


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