Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day 2 - We're off

The Commer is going! I spent saturday (all day - 8 hours) replacing the clutch, gearbox, exhaust, slave cylinder etc. etc. and at about 6pm I got her running and off the ramps. I had a major panic as when I got the engine started, the clutch wouldn't disengage after a little head scratching (and sobbing) I realised that the slave cylinder was bolted to the wrong side of the bell housing! 2 bolts later and we had a moving driving, walking talking, living van! Last night didn't allow for a test drive, but today I managed to go for a little spin round the estate, and yup it's slow, and the steering is vague, but I love it!

We had a great afternoon, I took the overspray off the windows and a few other little jobs and the kids drove to Africa, Australia and the Jungle. Lucky them!

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