Sunday, August 20, 2006

so the rear door is off...and its a write off... rust all the way up the side which is a realy pain. I think I need to get some better ones. Aparently this is not normal behaviour for rear doors (I asked the oracle). So if anyone out there in minorland has a pair of doors going (I might as well get the other one sorted too) please let me know. I'm in Scotland so there may be an issue with location :o)

And the b pillar provided much hilarity (for those of you who thaught I should have scrapped the car years ago...) . I knew I had to replace the bottom of the pillar, and there there was some filler in there, but I the sheer quantity! Someone must have really enjoyed filling and sanding, because oddly enough it wasn't that bad a shape (maybe a bit square), just 10mm out from where it should have been!

As for other news, the gutter is in the process of getting sorted - out with the old etc. its going well and I have lots of hte old rot out and some repair pieces made and primed ready to go in - when I find the time


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