Wednesday, August 02, 2006

So what has been happening recently... well little Rory was born! He's a very cute little chap and jolly goodfun, but he does take a lot of time ....
... but he does take long naps!

And of course Daria as been helping :o) I have managed to get the off side arch filled along with the boot lid, the major problem being flatting it properly. I don't seem to be able to get it sorted, I'll have another go and see what happens.

I also managed to get the rear wing fitting much better (filing hte mounting holes helped a bit too) I think if I put in a few more hours in I can get it all ready for paint pretty quickly. The priorities at the moment are the boot lid and the rear arch.

I have also been looking at the rear door which looks very holy. Thats going to come off soon for a re-build. Also the guttering is well shot so that is in the process of coming off...

so much to do

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