Monday, November 06, 2006

Not been too busy really, but I have been having lots and lots of fun with the offside guttering. This apears to be a really hard thing to do. It looks quite straight forward:
  1. drill out the old spot welds
  2. cut the gutter where required
  3. clean up the body
  4. weld on new gutter
  5. seal paint and drive away

however in reality it goes like this:
  1. drill out spotwelds where they aren't rusted away
  2. pull the rest of the gutter off (before it falls off)
  3. cut fingers on sharp steel
  4. poke bodywork with a sharp implement and watch it fall on the floor
  5. attack body with angle grinder (on the roof and under the edge of the gutter)
  6. (gulp)
  7. make up some nice little bits of steel (using cornflake box pattern)
  8. trim steel
  9. cut fingers on sharp steel
  10. butt weld steel into roof and overhang
  11. grind out 'cause it looks a mess
  12. make new bits of steel (with overlaps)
  13. weld bits into car
  14. grind
  15. weld
  16. realise that the welder ain't no good upside down
  17. try again
  18. grind...
  19. yawn...
  20. weld on new gutter
  21. fill in holes blown in new gutter (see 16)
  22. cross fingers
  23. finished?
it kinda looks ok now.. but it still needs a bit of grinding, filling and general tidying up.... will post when I'm happy :o)


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