Friday, December 05, 2008

Leaving on a Jetplane...

..but I'll be back next Saturday! Working away in Denver (and preparing for it) has put paid to most Commorris related fun recently, however last week I did manage to sneak out for a couple of very productive hours.

One hour was spent finishing Molly's head lining, looking so good now (even though I say so myself) now I can get the rear screen in, rear seatbelts and start putting the door seals on. Then we're really cooking. The rest of the seatbelts can go in and then maybe (just maybe) some seats!

then thats it... not much else, swap the wheels, fit the rear wings properly, finalise the front headlights, replace the rear brakepipes.... sort the engine, fit the electronic ignition....

so should I book the MOT?

Then... I popped out (in the snow) to remove Jessica's dead gearbox. It took loads of wiggling (and unhooking from the handbrake cables) but it was off in the end. Being a kid at heart, I had to perform an autopsy... didn't really get time to do that much (gotta go to Denver doncha know) but I did find myself with a large pile of broken teeth in my hand... so thats what happened BOO!

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