Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Archeology - its just old stuff in the ground

I was thinking today, while walking past a building site, about archeology. I quite like archeology (in a time-team and museum kind of way - I don't actually want to do the digging). When the archeologists find stuff, I can imagine they get pretty excited, wondering who owned it before, what it's story was, that kind of thing. And then theres the question of what they find. Its always the big stuff, the hard stuff, the things inbetween the things (bowls and stuff). And the archeologists are very proud of it, proud of the pieces of bowl and bone. Now thats fine, they do lots of cool stuff in mud and have archeology degrees and and that, but I can't help feeling the pride they have in finding the artifacts is more than the artifacts have ever had bestowed on them before. Imagine thousands of years ago someone cobbled together a nice bowl used it a bit, then it broke and then it got lost and forgotten about. Then many (thousands) of years later an archeologist finds it and is over the moon. Why do some people get excited about things just because they are old....

Anyway cars....

I've been sneaking out to the garage over the past few nights (while fighting the jetlag) and have got a few things done. First Molly now has a rear windscreen, some doorseals and a few other bits of trim, all looks rather good to me, some of the trim could do with a good scrub though.

looking good - if a little grubby

screen in - still capable of low speed persuit

Jessica has had some attention lavished upon her too. Well her gearbox has. After I killed the original one and managed to precure a new one from Martin (thanks Martin!) I have been having thoughts of overdrives.

spare teeth

where the teeth came from

where do all these cogs go?

main shaft needs to be swapped to fit the overdrive

mmmm overdrive

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