Monday, October 20, 2008


Well well well, isn't it funny how inspiration and recklessness are beautifully intertwined. Got a call from Ruairidh today to talk overdrives, made my day as the Commer scene is a little quiet oop north and he's (kinda) local and likes to talk tech. Its nice to know there is another van to go an 'ave a shuftie at too. And Panky got the mini MOT'ed yay! (time for Harvey the RV to get a look in now).

So.. Got off the phone, had me tea, stopped playing on the computer and went out to the garage to get stuff done... (Flava of Love 2 helped the inspiration too...)

tree's in - car's finshed!

look at that headlining!

ok it aint finished and there are some wrinkles....

like morris minor botox, pull here to make wrinkles go away...

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