Friday, July 18, 2008

Lazy summer days

Due to a miscalculation and a cancellation, I'm enjoying some relaxation. The Mrs was booked in to do a course over the past couple of thursday/fridays, and I was booked off to look after the kids. But the course was cancelled, so I've been working 3 day weeks and just chillin with the kids the Mrs and of course playing with the fleet.

Molly has been feeling a little neglected recently, she's at the stage now where I can start rebuilding. The paint isn't perfect, but I really want to get her back on the road again, so I've been taking a few tentative steps, which has mainly condisted of trying to find where I put all the bits. The things I'm up to now are rebuilding the doors (rear first), rebuilding the boot (again) and sorting the wiring.

lots of bits

The boot rebuild went really well as Megan helped and I've done it all once already. The wiring isn't too bad (I admit I had a crack earlier in the year) the indicators still don't work but everything else seems to be OK (to be honest there isn't that much!).

The paint still needs to be flatted but the big problem is this:

The new paint (over the seal in the gutter) is a slightly different colour that the older paint (which is still new-ish). For the time being, I'll flat and cut it and then have a big long think of what to do.

Now for the van, well I've had a few issues with her over the past couple of weeks, the throttle staying on, the alternator bracket coming loose and running out of fuel (therefore risking fuel flow issues) , but I wasn't in the mood for sorting any of these things, so I took up scraping off the terrible paint work on the units.

before - as advertised on ebay

The varnish hadn't been keyed, so it was mostly easy, but where the varnish was worn, it proved a little more tricky. I'm generally pleased with the results though.

some bits were harder than others

I'm a bit of a stalker of all things Commer Autosleeper on the web and as such check out all the photos of ones that come up for sale, this obsession revealed that I haven't been setting up the bed properly (and now couldn't because of the kids seats) so I've had a little think about it.

a bigger bed (with crumpled corners)

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