Monday, July 07, 2008

Dads Entertainment

This weekend has been one for the Dads. The headline event was my father-in-law 59th birthday. We had decided a good while ago to go down to Manchester to make sure it was good one. Luckily this gave us an opportunity to pop by and say hi to some of the lads from the good old days who have recently become dads.

With the inlaws being in Manchester, having a little time to play with and navigation being a relaxed affair with the Commer; we decided to visit my old mate Andy, his partner Claire and their new(ish) baby boy Tom. They live just outside Sunderland so it was a bit of a detour. On Thursday night Andy and Claire kindly showed us to Lizard Lane campsite and we stopped off for fish and chips on the way. Did you know they tend to cook their chips in Ground Nut oil in the north east? Posh or what?! This set us up for an hour or so of classic camper van fun. Fish and Chips (mine without nutoil!), a few cans of cider and sitting watching the sunset by the sea as the kids played round the van - how good is that?! We're really looking forward to doing it again at a site somewhere on the gorgeous Northumbrian coast.

As you can see the weather was really good .

sleepy heads after a nights partying

I can see the sea!
Friday morning, we headed off to Manchester. This gave us the chance to visit new dad #2. Lee, Sal and Elliot now have a beautiful baby girl (still unnamed) to add to the family. Lucky the Mrs wasn't there - she would have been badgering me for another.

I know Lee from way back, I used to rent his spare room and he is something of a Classic Car Godfather for me. The list of his past fleet includes lots of Splitscreen VW vans (getting earlier and earlier) and various Fiats (X19s and 127s mostly). The current fleet includes an early Samba and a Ferrari Dino - both mint.

Once I had torn myself away from the cute baby and fantastic cars, it was time for the main event - Richards birthday party. It was a pretty simple affair which consisted of lots of wine, ace food and good company.

The kids had a whale of a time playing in the garden (exploring the Jungle), and uncle Chris showed off his scootering skills and even got some air (pictures have been censored - sorry)
Jungle Jim

The epic journey (need to check the limited mileage policy) finally took us to Morecambe. This proper little seaside town is a favourite of ours. Its a beautifully honest place, where chips are still cheap and the sun isn't guaranteed.
Lancaster Forton Services - a classic pitstop
cold! - is it? yeah!

bad parenting

The iconic Midland hotel has recently been refurbished and is now open to the public. Will the Morecambe magic be spoilt?

After playing on the beach, we took a walk in the sun down the stone jetty for coffee and chips. Despite all the refurbishment and up and comingness of the town, Morecambe showed us the British seaside experience will never die... begain to rain.
So, another great weekend was had by all.

Of course there is another old mate who has become a new dad. Mark and Alison have also had a little baby last week.

Congratulations Andy and Claire, Lee and Sal, Mark and Allison all the best!

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Anonymous said...

We have enjoyed having you all here, even the weather behaved itself. Hope we can see you all again soon. I've never been to Morecambe that is one more on must see list.