Saturday, June 25, 2011

Now I wasn't expecting that...

Molly's MOT that is, all was fine except, well it was all bad. Over a sheet of failure. Now Moll is no garage queen, she gets used in the rain and not maintained enough, but a full page?! It turned out that most of the failure was due to a coincidental Morris Minor feature. Morris Minors have two fuses, one for all the things which are on all the time, and one for all the things which are only on when the ignition is on. It turned out that the ignition one had corroded a little between the house and the MOT station. So she failed on wipers, indicators, brake lights etc. etc. you get the idea. Well that lot was easily sorted, however there was a more worrying item on the list. And it involved that most scary of substances - MOT man crayon. For those of you without older cars (what are you reading this for?) when a car has a structural defect, usually due to rust, and the MOT man finds it, he circles it with his scary crayon.

Well Molly was unlucky enough to endure the embarrassment of the crayon. It turned out to be a previously bodged repair (not by me I hasten to add).

It was in the region of the rear nearside spring hanger - a notorious rust spot. As it turned out, when the nearside sills were repaired, they hadn't done a very good job, and left a very small gap inside the hanger, and this was what the MOT man had found (not very rusty at all). Being me, I decided to do the job properly and change the spring hanger completely. Which was just as well as it was actually a little tatty - the MOT man couldn't see as the Owen Burton anti tramp bars were covering some actual grot.

With that done (and the fuse cleaned up) we were back to see the man- this time he was more than happy so we were given a ticket to drive for another year.

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