Sunday, May 08, 2011

The beast is stirred from her slumber

So the past month or so has seen Jessica getting gently re-commissioned. We have had a couple of issues to sort. Firstly, the overheating problem came back. I put some effort into this last summer but as its very hard to pinpoint,I was never sure if i had cracked it. Turns out i hadn't. So i went through a full refresh of the cooling system and so far so good. I swapped out the fan belt too and it turned out it was much needed!

The other issue was the overdrive. After being stood all winter its kinda expected that something will go wrong. And it did. The overdrive started dropping out after a short while, especially when the radio on. It turned out that the inhibitor switch and the relay had died. Again new ones are on now and so far so good. We've not taken her away yet but it can't be long now!

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