Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Crawling and Running

The work on the cars is now slowing down to such a crawl, there has been hardly anything to post about. That said a little pottering has been going on (its only natural).

I've managed to get a little more work done on the van door, its now welded up and filled (another bad bodge job I'm afraid) and I'm starting to get on with the painting. There in lies a big problem, I was planning on using the Tekaloid enamel which was used on the van before I got it (it came with 2 half cans), however I've had a go and its a bit of a mess. It may need to be stripped back so I can start again or maybe I might try to flat it down and have another crack.

Molly on the other hand has been providing sterling service. The Skoda (yep the proper modern car) failed to proceed in a thoroughly modern manner. The central locking (pah!) decided it was going to cycle between locked and unlocked at a rate of twice a second. Not good. The AA came and deactivated everything (and broke various bits in the process) and the local Skoda garage charged £200 to fix it all (which includes the £15 for parts...). So while the expensive reliable daily was becoming more expensive and less reliable, Molly came to the rescue, ferrying us to and from school and to and from the Skoda garage. All was going well until her starter motor decided to give up the ghost. Never mind the starting handle still works...

I often get told off for anthropomorphising inanimate objects (specifically cars). However I felt vindicated when our rather nice mantelpiece clock magically started working again three days ago (and is still working). The reason for this change of (mechanical) heart? I considered ripping its guts out and replacing them with one of these. Shame, would have looked cool.


Now I've not been getting out to the garage too much recently, I have been finding myself infront of the TV, and of course the Christmas adverts are well and truly embedded in the schedules . Some of the most rubbish products however do use some really good music. The marketing men must have a lot of fun rummaging around the back catalogues. Then of course there the 118 247 earworm, which for some reason hasn't started to annoy me yet.

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