Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Long Time Coming

Finally, today the driveway was laid. The work was put off by three weeks (due to the weather), and was started on Monday. The old drive came up really quickly and the first (central) drain channel was put down. Then the builders disappeared. I gave them a days grace then gave them a call on Wednesday lunchtime. I was then told that the concrete was coming Thursday morning, but what about the drain channel in front of the garage? Er... you are putting another channel in? Nope... yeah you are....

So today they came, fitted the channel and poured the concrete - sorted!

my home for the next 3 months...

I don't like cats - they have big feet.
that's more like it....

I need to wait for a good 48 hours until its properly cured. So Jessica will be enjoying her new home on Sunday (so Chris can come and help push her onto the drive).

Since the drive came up, I've been barred from the garage (all that mud and now lots of wet concrete) and I seem to have gone stir-crazy! Nevermind - it'll be all back to normal next week.

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